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Leaders Connect Unusual Dots

A brave new world needs new direction

Fragmented markets, new technologies and radical business models are making decisions more complex than ever. Traditional leadership theories brought us this far. However, can they help address today’s questions: What is our business purpose in this new world? Why are we at odds with our customers and our people? How do we respond to exponential change with competitiveness? Firms continue to solve these questions with strategies like visioning and cost reduction. Yayati has found these to be effective. However, when undertaken in isolation, they’re partial. It’s time to integrate.

Experience Integrative Leadership

Integrative Leadership enables leaders to identify and organize all dimensions of their business. With this conscious, all-inclusive approach, leaders feel empowered to respond to complex challenges with 1) higher-order thinking, 2) new behaviour patterns, 3) cultural re-alignment, 4) and systems that help the firm thrive in its larger environment. In other words, leaders break free from old patterns. And become truly agile.

First, Assess Where
The Challenge Lies

In addition to paving the way for some great training programs, the Integral Leadership framework is a powerful path finder. We can use it to help you navigate your firm’s landscape and assess where the challenge lies.

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